10 Odd Things That Can Lead To Divorce, According To Science

According to specialists’ advice, divorce can be influenced by many types of behaviours. The main reasons why people divorce include infidelity and financial problems. These and plenty other reasons are obvious causes why people divorce, but there are and other more weird reasons why people choose this way, like … you know, having a child.

It was proven that about one-third of couples will divorce while the myth is saying that more than half of families part. We see that the reality is entirely different. Divorce is never fun, but sometimes it is inevitable. From my viewpoint, both partners are responsible for this action, but if the love just died, no one is to blame.
Family law firm McKinley Irvin has witnessed some very weird divorces. While these causes may appear funny at first, maybe you won’t be laughing if you are one of the partners.

1. Having An Online Affair
54% of men don’t consider an online affair to be infidelity, but the rest do. Note that “online” means just virtual flirting, no physical sexual intercourse.

2. Spending More Than $20,000 On Your Wedding
This is proven to be an important reason why people divorce. But since an average wedding costs about $25.500 nowadays, can we say that all we are doomed to divorce? However, put it that way: If you spend all your money on your wedding, then on what financial resources are you going to live?
The paradox of all this situation is that an average divorce costs between $15,000 and $20,000.

3. Living In A Red State
The exact reasons why the divorce rate is higher in these states is unknown, but statistics shows that these states are Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Alaska.

4. Not Going To College
It is proven that people with only high school education are more likely to part than those with college or higher education. The reason is rather simple – the more educated you are, the more money you have and you manage to avoid quarrels and discussions about financial problems.

5. Having A Commute Longer Than 45 Minutes
If your way to your job and back home takes more than 45 minutes, that is an issue.
In 2013 was conducted a study, which revealed that 14% of people involved in such commutes divorced subsequently because their partners couldn’t deal with this anymore. It is believed that people come home irritable after such long distances, and this is not doing any good to their marriage.

6. Having A Daughter
In 2010 was conducted a study that revealed that boys are more desired in families, and, even in case of a big fight, families tend to stick together. But the results were not the same in the event of a daughter, where moms tend to leave the family. Women want to be a good example for their daughters, therefore by leaving, they show to the girls that they don’t have to bear all the misery she’s going through. It sounds like a good reason to me if you put it that way.

7. Rolling Your Eyes At Your Partner
Indeed, this is also a reason. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand that this can be a major cause why people divorce. But let’s be honest, some people do deserve this.

8. Abusive Usage of Social Networks
There is a danger in actions that at the first glance look harmless, such as flirting with an old college friend, observing your partner constantly liking photos of a particular person, trying to find photos of your old parties and so on. Some studies report that Facebook is to blame in a lot of divorces, some lawyers in the UK even give the figure of 30% of all divorce cases in which Facebook played a leading role.

9. Marrying a Younger or Older Partner
Although there are a lot of examples of couples who deal with the age difference, most commonly couples don’t resist the age gap for too long. It has been found that if there is a small age difference, the couple is more likely to stay together. Any age gap that is greater than five years increases the chances to divorce.

10. Inequality In Household Duties
In the past, that wasn’t a factor worth considering but nowadays nobody can blame a couple for divorcing over that. However, a study made in Norway has shown that people divorce when they start to share duties.

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10 Odd Things That Can Lead To Divorce, According To Science