10 Things Husbands Want Their Wives to Know

Everyone realizes that communication is one of the most important aspects for maintaining a strong relationship. It is needed for finding out what your half is feeling or thinking. It also helps to improve further the beautiful sentiments between you. But have you ever asked yourself what husbands wish their wives knew? It is like discovering something new, from “the other side” of marriage. No matter that men are so different, here are 10 most common things that husbands want their wives to know, even if they do not tell about it too often, or do not tell about it at all. So, let’s get started! I wish my wife knew…

1.That I love her
As you realized, this is the most common answer (thought) of your husbands. Husbands that really love their wives just see no sense in their life without her. Girls, maybe your man does not tell you the desired “I love you” too often, but know that they usually do not do it because they cannot express the power of their words. You bring them happiness!

2.That she is beautiful and special
Men tell us that we are beautiful, but we usually do not consider their words serious, especially knowing that our body is not perfect. They love us just the way we are and, believe me, they think their wife is incredibly sexy! Also, men want to thank us for supporting them. In this way they grow and develop.

So, the positive and sweet thoughts of your husbands ended. Now it is time to take into consideration some revealed aspects that should make us think and improve ourselves.

3.That I am trying
Our husbands try to be the best in everything: be a perfect husband, an ideal lover, the best father. And we don’t doubt that they do for this a lot, but sometimes they just don’t succeed to meet our expectations. In this moment it is important not to get mad or sad or angry, understand him and help him improve.

4.Hints are useless
Let’s be honest! We often go around one thing and feel ashamed to tell about a certain thing openly, whether it be a sexual fantasy or a new pink smartphone. Your man is an ordinary human being, he cannot read minds. So, be direct and don’t use hints in expressing your desires. As well, husbands would recommend us, after failing to guess what you really want, not to go to complain about how he is with your mom or friends. Talk to him!

5.I want to be her number one
Well, everybody knows that women nowadays have a full agenda. That is why a big part of men would be thankful to us if we could leave some free time for them. Children take almost all our time, but don’t forget about the one whom you married before having kids. You are the one in his world, so try to make him feel like he is the one in yours.

6.That I want you to appreciate me
Sometimes we get too influenced by what people say about women from present, I mean that we carry too many things on our shoulders: household, job, kids, and so. We start to think that men do less things than we, but it is not so. What they do, they do it for us and, in this case, appreciation, love and intimacy become the key to their happiness.

7.That positiveness is attractive
Less stress, more laughter and positivity! Be pleasant and optimistic, don’t moan and groan when your man comes at home after a long working day. They (like anybody else) do not want to hear your complaints, they want kindness and good words and actions. You affect the mood of your husband with your mood. Smile to him oftener!

8.That her words matter
Take care when you tell something to your husband. Especially it refers to bad words or critique. He loves you and that is why your words affect him a lot, positively or negatively. Through your words you can motivate or demoralize your man. When he has some problems at work, encourage him and stay close to him no matter what!

9.That sex matters
His sexual life is connected now with you. If he thinks about sex a lot, he thinks about you a lot. So, don’t be bothered too much about this thing. Physical intimacy followed by words of love is a great way to make your husband feel loved and needed. Making love is the closest you could possibly be. It is the time of just you two, so enjoy it!

10.That sometimes I just want to stay alone
Whether it was a bad day, or an ordinary day at work, sometimes our men need to relax. They need neither our complaints, nor our smile. They just want to be alone for five minutes or more… It helps them arrange their thoughts and even restart their mind, if men go out for a beer for example. This does not mean that they run from us, this is just a necessity.

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10 Things Husbands Want Their Wives to Know