10 tips to prolong the life of your refrigerator

Refrigerator, needs more attention. Should be thawed more often, must be well washed, clean and airy. Here’s how to maintain your refrigerator to prevent possible repairs and the emergence of bacteria.

Do not store wet items
Sometimes fridge is full of fruits and vegetables. To avoid their alteration and thus spreading an odor, you should not store it in the refrigerator wet vegetables and fruits. Lettuce, onions and spinach are very sensitive and can spoil quickly.

Wash fruits and vegetables
In this way you will not enter the refrigerator with them, bacteria, insect eggs or worms. Once you have passed under running cold water, wipe them well with a clean towel or put them to dry.

Use foil and trays
It is advisable to use covered containers for various food preservation. Pots with food should be covered with a lid, and other products should be wrapped in aluminum foil. Thus, no longer smell spreads in the refrigerator and food last longer. For example, in aluminum foil, the cheese is no longer dry.

Wash all the removable parts
Before you clean and wash inside out all removable parts of the refrigerator, shelves, drawers, grilles. They should be washed separately with water and detergent and then allowed them to dry.

Resort to baking
To remove odor you can use bicarbonate with confidence. Once you’ve unplugged refrigerator and you thoroughly cleaned it, place inside a bowl in which you sprinkled a few tablespoons of baking soda. Within hours, the odor and moisture will disappear. Baking has disinfectant properties, so you can use it and clean the refrigerator.

Remove refrigerator with vinegar
Another solution to get rid of odors inside the refrigerator is vinegar. You need a solution of vinegar and water and a clean sponge to wipe the walls of the refrigerator. Once you wipe it carefully, you only need to rinse.

Use vanilla or lemon
If you want your refrigerator to gain a vanilla or lemon fresh scent, use them. Both products are able to absorb and cover food odors. You can use a glass to add some vanilla sticks (slightly indented) or a few slices of lemon.

Cleans the dirt under the fridge
Under fridge gather dust, fallen food, traces of liquid leaking or accidentally spilled. All this is a source of bacteria, unpleasant odors and a place where they can gather cockroaches or ants. Once a month is appropriate to vacuum and to clean the floor.

Do not overload the fridge
If you have a full refrigerator set it to maximum cooling capacity. In these circumstances the refrigerator will have a higher cooling temperature and products won’t alter.

Maintain optimum temperature!
Any housewife has to know that the food is chilled to four degrees Celsius, and the freezer must be a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius. Unless these conditions are met, the food spoils.

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10 tips to prolong the life of your refrigerator