25 Summer Activities for Tweens

Summer’s coming. Ready or not. I’ve compiled a list of 25 boredom busting activities that will keep your tweens busy (and learning) this Summer. I plan to do most of the activities on the list with my tween this Summer.

1 – Learn to cook – Teach them how to prepare their favorite food or try a brand new recipe together.

2 – Geocaching – This is already a family favorite of ours. We plan to do a lot of Geocaching this Summer. Don’t know what it is?

3 – Grow something – You can easily grow herbs or vegetables in containers if you don’t want to dig up the yard. Last year we grew giant sunflowers that were about 10ft tall.

4 – Create a new game or revise an old favorite – re-use Pringles cans or soda/water bottles as bowling pins and an inflatable ball to knock them down. Or make your own game of giant Jenga (find out how at A Beautiful Mess).

5 – Build something – AllCrafts.net has over 50 Free bird house and bird feeder woodcraft plans.

6 – Science experiment – Buzzfeed has some really cool science experiments that adults will love too!

7 – Go Fishing – (find out if you need a fishing license before you go)

8 – Visit a museum – Do this on a super hot or rainy day.

9 – Travel some place new (even if it’s close to home) – Explore a new city or park.

10 – Balance a check book – They have to learn sometime. Give them a weekly allowance and have them track the money coming in and going out. You can find a printable checkbook register here.

11 – Pet Photoshoot – Have a few favorites printed and framed.

12 – Make Homemade Ice Cream – Everyone should try this once! Here’s an easy 5 minute recipe from Spoonful.com

13 – Visit a National Park or Historic Site – The National Park Service has a list of Free Admission dates for National Parks here. You can do a google search to find which historic sites in your area offer free admission.

14 – Teach the dog a new trick – Or at least try. The dog will love all the extra attention.

15 – Learn Something New – Try a new sport, musical instrument, language, game, magic trick, or learn to juggle.

16 – Play Miniature Golf – Don’t have a Miniature golf course near you? Try putting into a cup or if you are feeling really adventurous try building your own mini golf course. See instructions here.

17 – Make a movie – Do a google search for free movie making software to find the right software for your computer and operating system. You don’t need a video camera these days. Most phones and cameras can record video.

18 – Summer Reading Program – Check with your local library. The have programs for little and big kids.

19 – Create a Time Capsule and bury in the yard – Imagine if you had done this. What would be in it? You don’t even have to bury it. Just tuck it away in the attic or basement.

20 – Learn to Sew – Everyone should have basic sewing skills. Learn to thread the needle and sew on a button.

21 – Volunteer at an Animal Shelter – Check with your local shelter. They may have a minimum age requirement for volunteers.

22 – Go kite flying – It’s not as easy as it looks. Stay away from trees and power lines!

23 – Learn to kayak – This is a great Summer activity. Find a place you can rent a kayak for the day.

24 – Sign up for and run a 5k – Have you ever run a 5k? I haven’t but my son ran his first one last year and enjoyed it. You can find one being held nearly every weekend during the Summer.

25 – See a movie – Regal Summer Movie Express runs a 9 week movie event. The movies are all G or PG and cost $1 to get in. Check your local Regal Cinema for details.

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