5 simple tricks to stretch your shoes

It is probably written in Murphy’s laws as the best pair of shoes to pinch your toes. A few extra kilos or inattention to detail when you’ve bought them were enough to make your shoes stay in the closet. But do not despair, shoes can get back in the limelight, if you apply some stretching shoes methods, simple and handy. More details in the article below.

The first method is wearing wet socks, moistened with warm water. Shod shoes in question and then walk around the yard or house and you will see that they will stretch. Of course, you have to repeat the process several times before the shoes to take the final obedience form.

And because I talked about socks, wear them a little bit longer for the second shoe stretching method which is based on the natural process of expansion. Wear some thick socks shod the problem shoes and then take the hair dryer and set it at medium temperature. Blow dry over the entire surface of the shoes for a few minutes, during which you move your toes to stretch them. The effect is guaranteed if you try this method several times.
Based on the same principle of physics, put a pot of water to boil. When steam starts to emerge, hold your shoes inside down over the pan. Hot vapors make the leather sag and become more flexible. After 2 minutes, you can introduce paper inside the shoes to sag more and to maintain its shape.

No matter how incredible it may seem, one effective method is to introduce the stubborn shoes in the freezer. But not anyhow, with a few bags of water inside them, out of which you empty the air and place where you feel the pinch. By freezing, the water expands and thus stretches naturally the leather.
Last but not least, seek the best-known trick of stretching the leather shoes. Massage them inside with alcohol or enter inside some crumpled socks soaked in alcohol, alcohol making the leather softer and more flexible. Also trust a moisturizer with which to stretch the inside of the shoe.

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5 simple tricks to stretch your shoes