5 Tips to Clean Old Clothes

If you have a piece of old clothing, but you don’t know how to clean it without abusing it or give you the proper care, here are 5 tips to clean ancient garments.

Tips #1
If you need to wash a former garment that is wrinkled by the use and passage of time, you have to wash with a detergent in the usual way and then let soak for 3 hours in a solution of water, borax, hydrogen peroxide or bleach.

Met the time, rinse the garment very well but not squeeze it or twist it, and giving dry in the shade.

Tips #2
Ancient garments during washing do not have to use water very hot and much less boiling, this could damage the garment and even bleed it. Instead use warm or cold water and no sizes with strength, better use your hands to stir and if it is necessary to carve do it with the fabric backwards. To remove the excess of water after rinsing, use a clean towel and press the old garment, so not to ruin it to the envelope – stretching it or rotate it.

Tips #3
To remove the smell of old clothes, in a bowl add warm water and ½ cup of vinegar. Dissolve it very well and this solution places the old garment with the smell. Let this sit for 2 hours. Don’t spend more time or vinegar could discolor the fabric, or if you have lace could abuse them. After let it rest, rinsed well or lava ignites it as in the first council.

Tips #4
To avoid garment damage, absorb odors or discolor, when you’ve already finished it wash and it is well dry, put it in a plastic bag. Try this folded garment it correctly to prevent it wrinkling or break the fabric. One of the things you can do to clean ancient garments is put a paper with perfume inside the bag so that the garment has a good smell.

Tips #5
If the coats of skin or antique hats, it is best use them a few times a year so furs are not abused. Hats cover with foil so that they are not abused and store them in a plastic bag, also shelters. It is better than the articles ancient skin takes them with a furrier that tell you how to take care of them.

We hope that these tips to clean ancient garments you will keep your garments in good condition and you can enjoy them. Remember that many times a former garment is not only something to dress, it can also be filled with beautiful memories and to preserve them must be kept in good condition items that remind us of them.

5 Tips to Clean Old Clothes

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