6 Signs that You Have to Put an End to a Relation

Probably, all of us pass in our life through a period when we have to break up with our love. This feeling is painful, especially when it is our first love, and makes us think why it has not worked. At that moment, we realize that we simply were heading to different directions, had opposite purposes for our future, had not common dreams, and then we understand that our relation just could not continue like this. Sometimes love is not enough for a strong relationship.

In most cases two people are just not compatible. But, no matter how much it hurts, we have to move on. So, here are some reasons which show us why we should break up with someone.

1.Having Different Plans for Future
In some couples, one can have the idea of becoming a father, and the other one thinks to travel the world and have fun the following years, not even having a thought of becoming mother in the nearest future. If this situation is reached, then there is no reason to continue. In such cases, it is hard to make one person give up his/her dreams and accomplish the dreams of the other one, no matter how much they are in love. However, it will not bring happiness to both and will lead to breakage in the end.

2.There Is No Sexual Attraction between You
Sometimes we can deal with situations when we love a person very much, but there is no sexual attraction between us at all. The feeling of love makes us overlook this, but the relation will not last long. Studies in this area have demonstrated that sex is an essential element in a healthy relationship. That does not mean that sex has to be perfect each time, but at least there should be a little bit of chemistry between you.

3.You Sacrifice Yourself for Your Relationship
A normal relationship involves a partnership. Love cannot save a situation when one partner gives more than other. It can relate to various areas: finances, emotions, or even household. For a woman it is important not to feel like a mother all the time by picking things up throughout the house, or finding solutions for all the problems which appear during couple life.

4.You Cannot Live without Your Beloved One
When we are in love, we want him/her to be present in all the aspects of our life. But there should be delimitation between the desire and the necessity. When the feeling of “need” is stronger than that of “want”, then it is a codependent case. It is an unhealthy emotion, when we cannot live without our mate, when we live simply for someone else and to not see anything else around us. It should be stopped as long as it has not become too serious. Healthy relationships do not base on such obsessions.

5.None of You Want to Compromise
In a relationship there are situations when you have to build compromises. They are vital for the further development of relation. But if your partner does not want to compromise, or you are obliged to compromise too much, it can lead to a point when things become insupportable. Love cannot save you in this case.

6.You Feel That the Relation Leads to Nowhere
A relationship means development, development in career, in emotions, etc. If you feel that you have no ups and downs with your partner and you do not grow as people, then this is a sign that you are not meant for each other. It cannot be fixed with love.

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6 Signs that You Have to Put an End to a Relation