7 Tips to get rid of kitchen moisture

Excessive heat and steam accumulate when cooking and so the kitchen is one of the most humid room in your house. Here’s what to do to remove moisture and prevent mold and dampness.

1. Insulate well windows
Arranged your kitchen using waterproof materials and products. If your windows are old, they may have numerous cracks and defects that do not allow adequate insulation. Make them a refurbishment or, at best, change them. For example, you can choose windows with panes. Search for folding models. So you can ventilate even when it is raining or very cold outside.

2. Use the cooker hood
A very useful appliance against moisture is stove hood. Every time you cook, turn on the hood to absorb steam, smoke and odors.

3. Fix pipes and valves
Make a thorough check of the pipes, valves and mask covering pipes. Fix dripping taps or pipes of the water leakage. Thus, you may eliminate sources of moisture in the kitchen. Also, remove the remaining water in the rack for dishes after washing the dishes.

4. Buy wet paint
The interior walls and ceiling can become wet e risking to catch mold or dampness. Clean the affected area, and then uses a special paint to damp surfaces.

5. Use a dehumidifier air
On the market there are devices that absorb moisture. The dehumidifier operates on the basis of tablets reducing excess moisture. You can use such a tablet about two months and then you have to replace it.

6. Ventilate the kitchen
When cooking is better to keep the windows open to evacuate the steam formed. Ventilate the kitchen while preparing food and after you have finished cooking.

7. The level of humidity: 40-60%
In any enclosed space excess moisture promotes the growth of mold and dampness. This can cause or aggravate respiratory problems and allergic reactions especially in the elderly and children. The main causes of the emergence of moisture are missing insulation or improper insulation, temperature fluctuations, insufficient ventilation, domestic activities (washing, cooking, ironing) spills, etc. It is recommended that in your house to have a humidity level between 40-60%.

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7 Tips  to get rid of kitchen moisture