8 organs without you can live with no stress

It is fascinating how the human body can adapt to changes. The human body has pair organs, and in the case of removal of one of a pair, the other will take over the work of the deceased. However, have you ever wondered if you can live a normal life without certain organs in your body?

We will present you below a list of organs that can survive without major health problems. Obviously we do not encourage them to be removed without medical reasons.

  1. The stomach. For some patients sick with stomach cancer, the best thing for them is to be out stomach. After this procedure, the esophagus is linked directly to the small intestine, and the latter will take over the function of the stomach. The only problem would be the absorption of vitamin B12, but this is resolved by biennial injections.
  2. Large intestine. Due to some medical conditions, the large intestine can be removed and you can live without it, but you’ll need a colostomy bag. However, it can be partially restored by the small intestine, but it will be shorter and you will have to go to the bathroom more often.
  3. Appendix. Even if you can live without problems with your appendix removed, however, do not rush to remove it if it doesn’t cause problems. Recent studies indicate that appendix is a repository of “good” bacteria to repopulate your intestines after an illness.
  4. Reproductive organs. For various medical reasons or personal, testicles, ovaries and uterus can be removed surgically.
  5. Mammary glands. As a result of detection of breast cancer, women or men (yes, they can make breast cancer) can live without these glands. For women because of physical appearance and mental stress, breasts can be rebuilt using breast prostheses.
  6. Sensory organs. One can live without eyes, ears or nose. From the aesthetic point of view, these organs can be replaced with prosthetic care.
  7. Tonsils. They are the tissues in the back of the neck which filters out bacteria and viruses, but which are prone to infection and are removed for children. Luckily for adults, tonsils decrease with age and can no longer cause problems.
  8. Toes. Our ancestors, primates, used their toes to grab and swing from branches. Modern man can remain vertical using only the first toe and the next three neighbors. Fifth finger has remained as a product of evolution.
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8 organs without you can live with no stress