8 Tips to avoid gaining too much pregnancy weight

To keep your weight within normal limits during pregnancy, it is important not to believe in the myth that you have to eat for two, and to avoid all kinds of high calorie foods. If you want to avoid figure deformation during pregnancy and to stay fit at the end of nine months, adopt a balanced diet caloric and nutritional and implement these tips!

1. The view that a pregnant woman must eat twice as much food because she eats for two is a well-known myth about nutrition in pregnancy. Instead, experts say, on early pregnancy, you have to eat perfectly normal, taking care to eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and as of the third quarter to add between 350-450 calories daily intake, according to the doctor’s recommendations.

2. Do not neglect the idea of eating balanced and healthy, arguing that you are pregnant and now you can eat anything. You cannot say it aloud, but think. And in order not to seem guilty for eating more cakes and eat more snacks than recommended, you blame pregnancy cravings. Quit the habit. Even if you crave unhealthy foods, just try to taste that food, do not to eat a generous portion.

3. The easiest way to ensure that you eat healthy is to organize your diet throughout the pregnancy. Make a list from the start with the foods you are allowed and what you have to eat during those nine months and another one, separate, with the forbidden foods. Keep them handy when you plan a day’s menu, make sure that it contains many of the foods recommended by specialists in pregnancy.

4. Physical exercise that all experts recommend is long walks or a little dance, for example. Important is not to be sedentary during pregnancy and try to move as much as you can. It is an easy method to reduce the number of kilos you gained in pregnancy.

5. Not only foods are important in trying to not gain too much weight when you’re pregnant. The way you cook and eat them is also important. Ditch the fried foods and adopt more healthy cooking styles – baked, boiled or grilled. So cooked foods are less calorie and more nutritious than . Eat vegetables and fruits in more natural state.

6. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and has an essential role in preventing weight gain in pregnancy. Experts have shown that a daily serving of breakfast reduces appetite and prevents you consume more calories than you need.

7. Even if usually not indicated to constantly weigh yourself when you want to keep yourself in shape or keep a weight loss diet, when it comes to pregnancy, things differ a bit. On one hand, you are not allowed to keep diet in pregnancy and on the other, it is advisable to have constant weight records that regularly accumulate. Depending on these values, you can tell if you have crossed the line with certain foods and how to restore your menu.

8. Most pregnant women tend to eat more food than they need because of stress. Avoid eating when you are nervous and search methods that help you relax – sports, reading, walks etc.

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8 Tips to avoid gaining too much pregnancy weight