9 Things which Men Adore at Women more than Beauty

Some things which men like have nothing in common with the exterior aspect. Of course, it is very important, but it does not matter 100%. Here is what is extremely important for our partners:

1.Know how to listen
All human beings want to be listened to and understood. Anyone can talk, but not all know how to listen. That is exactly why sometimes it is better not to ask many questions, let him open in front of you and listen attentively. Also, try to agree with him, otherwise he may become nervous.

2.Come out of the routine and be spontaneous!
Boredom destroys any kind of love. It is not about typical boredom, such as a lazy day spent at home. It is enough to have around you a person which reactions you already know to have the desire to get rid of him and experiment something new. It does not mean that you have to scream out loud suddenly in the metro or do crazy things. It should be something from time to time like accessorizing a kinky pin to your office clothing, for example.

3.A good driver
It is said that the persons who cannot drive are usually women. Demonstrate him that it is just a gossip or, even better, that you are special: you can press the brake in stiletto shoes.

4.A woman satisfied with her career
There is nothing more attractive than a woman that obtained from life everything what she wanted. Why? Because she is calm and does not depend too much of men.

5.A woman who eats what she wants together with him
When you are on date, there is a lot of pressure on you, as you have to show impeccably all this time. The things get complicated when the couple is at a restaurant. That is why many of us opt for a salad or something lighter, not to get dirty and to avoid discomfort in stomach. Well, it seems that men consider sexy a woman who enjoys her food (obviously, they think of something perverted) and is not afraid to dirty her fingers from time to time.

6.Be innocent, but also with some “salt and pepper” at the same time
Men like small paradoxes. A good example would be a woman who has an angelic beauty, but also shows her droll side. It is perfect if you are beautiful, but work with what you have been endowed. Everything starts from the face expression.

7.A future amusing and funny wife
O.K., you must not transform into a joker or in Seinfeld, but you could develop and use humor sense. The reason is simple: many men want a beautiful girl close to them with whom they will feel good. It is clear that the jokes must be intelligent and adapted to situation. If you make him laugh and make him feel good, he will want you and will love you for the rest of his life. Simply, be adorable and sweet.

8.Be natural and childish
The naturalness inspires innocence, and innocence is eternal. Do not put on always luscious jewelry and super expensive clothes, because you drive away others from your essence, from who you really are. Does it not seem more sincere and simple a girl who from time to time has simple, relaxed clothing?

9.Have a maternal instinct
Finally, men think of reproduction, and the way in which shows a woman with maternal instinct in their eyes is unique. Like us, who think whether the respective individual would be a good father, they do exactly the same thing. It is good to combine different styles to attract him, but do not forget about his protecting and a little bit motherly side.

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9 Things which Men Adore at Women more than Beauty