A Lighted Sconce

I hung my ARK Shelf that I did Here the other day and it looked so lonely hanging by itself. I remembered my stash that I found in the basement and made this to go with it.

A Lighted SconceI brought up that sconce and this battery candle thing.

A Lighted SconceOne Christmas I had this bright idea of putting those in all the windows. I’ve got over a dozen of them. What a pain it was that year to go around every night and tighten the bulb for light and then have to go and unscrew them all again in the morning! Needless to say, I never put them up again.

A Lighted SconceI took it out of the stand and wrapped it with jute.

A Lighted SconcePainted and sanded the sconce the same way as the shelf.

A Lighted SconceI had to move that holder out a little bit so the shade would fit.

A Lighted SconceAh, much better!

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A Lighted Sconce