Aging New Wood

Have you ever come across a gorgeous DIY project requiring beautifully aged barn wood or fantastically rustic pallet boards…both of which you do not happen to have laying around? Have no fear! Pin that DIY project! And gather up a couple materials while you’re at it to make a magic potion that will make any new wood old again!

So what exactly do you need? White vinegar (or apple cider vinegar), steel wool and a jar. That’s it. Pour enough vinegar in your jar to completely submerge your steel wool. Give it a shake or two and let it sit for 24 hours-ish. The longer it sits the darker it becomes.

Aging New WoodI let my mixture sit for about 2 days. I then took a clean rag and rubbed the wood down liberally. If you do have an older piece that you want darker I would recommend sanding a bit first. That picture was BEFORE and here is the AFTER. So simple!

Aging New WoodYou can see it really takes on an aged, grayed weathered look. I’ve done this same technique on a piece of wood that was aged out in the sun for years. It was gorgeous but I had to cut it for my project. I used the vinegar stain just on the cut ends and it looked great!

One small warning: This potion stinks. Like real bad. But it’s worth it.

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Aging New Wood