Alternative uses for bleach you might not have known about

We may have been raised knowing that bleach keeps our toilets sparkling and is great for rescuing baby clothes from their carrot-stained weaning sagas, but do we really use it to its full potential?

Here are some alternative uses for that staple home cleaning product that you might not have thought of:

Give limescale the heave-ho
Efforts to remove limescale aren’t just limited to tackling the rim of the toilet bowl. Limescale can also build up in mugs and glasses and can be a menace to remove. Adding a teaspoon of bleach to hot, soapy dishwater and leaving them to soak for ten minutes can bring them back to their shiny, sparkly best. Make sure you rinse them out thoroughly and dry them off with a clean, soft tea-towel.

Give your flowers a longer life
Add a quarter of a teaspoon of bleach to every litre of water used in a vase to keep your flowers at their best for longer. The bleach inhibits bacteria growth, preventing a build-up of slime and mould.

Mould and mildew be gone!
We couldn’t write this piece without adding a couple of bathroom cleaning tips to the mix. Mould and mildew can be an unwelcome visitor particularly in warm, wet and humid bathrooms. Diluting a few capfuls with warm water and leaving to soak on affected areas for a minimum of 15 minutes will allow you to return and remove them with relatively little effort. Use a toothbrush to remove the grime from grout between the tiles, and soak bathmats and shower curtains in the mixture to make them as good as new.

Kill weeds
Forget expensive weedkillers to get rid of any unwanted weeds making their ways through cracks and crevices in paths and walkways. Pour neat bleach directly onto the weeds and leave for a couple of days, after which time you’ll be able to pull them up easily. The bleach will reduce their chances of returning but be careful, it won’t distinguish between the weeds and your lovingly tended blooms, so use it with care.

And don’t forget the garden furniture while you’re out there
As you’re already tackling the outside of your home why not spruce up your garden furniture before storing away for the winter? Add half a cup of bleach to a gallon of water will get rid of stains and mildew and leave your furniture shiny and clean, ready for next spring.

Make your own disinfectant and save money
Add a few drops of bleach to a spray bottle of water for your own effective yet money-saving disinfectant.

Whilst bleach is extremely effective it can also be harmful if used incorrectly. Make sure any containers containing bleach have a tight lid, are clearly marked and are kept safely out of the reach of children. Never mix bleach with ammonia and always use sensibly, ensuring you protect your eyes and skin when using it, and seek medical advice immediately if you need to.

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Alternative uses for bleach you might not have known about