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Origami Easter Bunnies with Cotton Bums

I did not create the origami design from scratch, it was creatively and masterfully designed by Jacky Chan (not THAT Jacky Chan), and I...

Making Sugar Eggs Without the Right Ingredients

For years and I mean 23 years I have wanted to make sugar eggs. I remember holding my first sugar egg wondering how they...

Easter Muddy Buddies and a Craft

I’m the first to admit that I don’t get into holiday decor other than Christmas, but I have to tell you when Easter rolls...

How to Watercolor Easter Napkins

I have been reminded on a regular basis that Easter is almost here, by a little tiny person that’s eager for a basket full...

Dollar Store Easter Decor

The other day our family was exploring outside and look what we found in one of our trees: this beautiful little bird's nest with...

Wreath with Moss Covered Eggs

Today I show you an amazingly simple Dollar Store-ish type of craft that comes together in a nap-time and lasts all Spring. Adorned with...

DIY Egg Shakers – Exploring Sounds

I set up two ‘nibble dishes’ with a range of small items that could be placed inside plastic eggs. Many of these would make...

Latest Project

Fall Tea Light Mason Jar Vignette

Mason jars are still a big part of my decor especially in our Fall decorations, there is just something about Mason Jars, Burlap and...

How to Make A Faux Rust Finish

Halloween Skull Pencils