DIY Welcome Sign

I found this at the thrift store. I kinda felt bad as I was painting over Don & Linda and their happy little faces,...

DIY Rustic Framed Stencil

Ok, this actually turned out even cooler than I had pictured it in my head! The lovely folks at Royal Design Studio , sent...

Quick and Easy Photo Display

I have a problem... I save jars, like every jar, ever. I have been finding creative ways to use them for crafts and also using them as storage...

DIY Beach Cottage Sign

When we were back east in June, my Aunt Karen handed over the keys to her house on the bay in Virginia and let...

DIY Drop Cloth Wreath

This was a really easy, cheap, and fun little project! I followed the tutorial from Today's Fabulous Finds and it was SUPER helpful. 1. fabric, I...

DIY Decorative Wood Clock

For today's project, my amazing and HUGE inspiration was a "clock" from Pottery Barn. I knew it wouldn't look exactly the same, because I...

DIY Sticks & Paint

The kids dragged home a branch after playing at the park. It was just the perfect size for me to do something with, but...

DIY Stain-Aged Clothespin Holder

This is a nice low cost, quick craft you can make, probably with supplies already in your house. On top of being easy, you...

Make a paint dipped basket without dipping!

So I may have been living under a rock lately, but I just came across the paint-dipped basket phenomena. I love the splash of...

DIY No Scratch Bottlecap Magnets

I've missed creating! We are finally getting settled into a new place, job, school and area! Everything has been crazy. Anyways, enough of my...

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Washi Tape Halloween Drink Bottles

Do you have a Halloween party planned anytime soon? Did you remember the Halloween Drink Bottles?! Not to worry. We have a really simple, fast...

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