How to properly clean the bathroom

After your bath, wipe with a clean cloth the taps and water droplets on tiles. So when the day for general cleaning comes, the...

How to clean your home with vinegar and baking soda

Have you ever thought which the handiest available solutions to clean the house are? Make savings and invest less in buying professional cleaning detergents....

Homemade household cleaners

Even if you can find on the market all sort of cleaning products you can use the some simple ingredients that you already have...

How to clean the house using shaving foam

If you have a man in your house, you should have a large tube of shaving foam in your bathroom. Besides the fact that...

How to clean LCD Screens using coffee filters

Certainly, dust gives us all headaches and unfortunately there is no miracle solution to remove it forever. Normally, it should be wiped about twice...

Ingenious trick to keep bathroom tiles clean

If you have tiles, you know how hard it is to keep clean grouts. We show you, however, a trick that will help you...

Cleaning mistakes that are slowing you down

Do you spend one day to be Cinderella, from dawn to dusk and you are tired of it? Do you want to finish the...

How to Clean Dust Mites

Mites are a class of very tiny spiders which are attracted to damp places, with plenty of organic material (leather, dust, sebum, etc.) that...

11 tricks to get rid of dust

You clean the house almost every day but still you can’t get rid of dust. You use the vacuum but it’s in vain. Though...

6 Objects and Surfaces You Should Clean Every Week

Certain surfaces in your home can not and must not be cleaned every day. They can be cleaned smoothly, weekly. Discover which are those...

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