Christmas Window Display

Every time we went to the store Little Man exclaimed that we must get round ornament balls and I told him that I would buy them when I found the right ones. Saturday I found the right ones, they weren’t plains balls but mini glass ornaments in many different shapes with a vintage look and feel – I fell in love as soon as I saw them.

Christmas Window DisplayWhen I brought them home I was so excited to show him that I had finally found the right ornaments. Oh, how disappointed he was! He had wanted plain traditional round balls for the tree nothing fancy. Yesterday he got a mini tree for his room and I found him trying to sneak off with my fancy ornaments. Since he decided he detested my ornaments so much, I told him I would not be sharing!

Christmas Window DisplayNormally when I decorate for Christmas, I pull everything out and it is a mighty fine mess for days. This year I have slowly pulled decorations out, unboxed them and put them in the general area that they will go for the holidays. I’ve already put the boxes and other storage away and the house is actually quite tidy for being in the middle of Christmas decorating, painting half the living room and working on two pieces of furniture in the that same living room! During the hubbub of pulling decor out, watching Elf and dancing to Christmas songs the idea struck to do a Christmas window display with some of the mini ornaments!

Christmas Window DisplayThe biggest issue was getting the color ratio of red to silver down just right and the staggered heights. We used thick butchers twine to string the ornaments and tied them to the drapery rod and oh how they will sparkle when the Christmas lights come in! Squealing and screaming with delight, I pointed to the window with such enthusiasm to show Hubs what I had done – he gave a very calm nod and “oh, very nice.” He meant it, but I suppose I need some balance with the over excitedness I tend to display.

Christmas Window DisplayChristmas Window DisplayOur tree will be here in a couple of weeks and I am just on pins and needles with anticipation… the smell of a fresh tree! I love how all the little details are coming along throughout the house, and now I think it’s time to start on those Christmas goodies! Have you started making Christmas goodies?

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Christmas Window Display