How to clean the house using shaving foam

If you have a man in your house, you should have a large tube of shaving foam in your bathroom. Besides the fact that you can use is for the shave, I will show you how to use this male skincare product for other things (more or less strange):

1. Removes stains on the carpet!
Food stains on the carpet will become a memory if you put a handful of shaving foam and then stretch it clean with a damp sponge. Allow the area to dry a few hours and then use the vacuum cleaner.

2. Cleans stainless steel surfaces!
Put shaving foam on any stainless steel object or appliances and clean them with a clean cloth. They will shine!

3. Say goodbye to foggy mirrors!
Cover the entire bathroom mirror with shaving cream and then clean it with a clean cloth. You won’t have foggy mirrors from now on.

4. Removes nail polish on your fingers!
If you have nail polish or any grease stain on your fingers, just rub your hands with shaving foam.

5. Cleans jewelry!
Shaving foam can clean your delicate jewels. Cover the jewels with shaving foam and then clean them with a clean, dry cloth.

6. Cleans glass furnace!
If you had the misfortune that grease droplets or food to reach on the window glass of your furnace apply some shaving foam and clean with a sponge.

7. Get rid of the creaking hinges!
A creaking door can be easily repaired with a small amount of shaving foam applied in the hinge zone.
8. Get rid of the pain caused by sunburn!
Next time you experience sunburns use shaving cream to relieve the pain.

How to clean the house using shaving foam

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