Cleaning Tricks with Toothpaste

Why spend money on expensive cleaning products if you can clean with toothpaste? Do not believe us? Well, we suggest that you know some tricks cleaning with toothpaste.

At home there are thousands of multifunctional products that are capable of doing much more than their traditional functions; this is how the toothpaste trick has become indispensable for housewives and people dedicated to cleaning. Look at some simple cleaning tricks with toothpaste.

Clean glasses

You’re driving and the sun falls squarely in the pan. We decide to wear a pair of sunglasses, but these glasses dirty solve nothing and you endanger yourself and the crew.

To clean the glasses just need to put some common toothpaste crystals and then wash to remove dirt, drying the crystals with a microfiber cloth.

Even cleaning this trick used to prevent fogging the bathroom mirror. Simple, right? Result: a better view.

Metal Cleaning

If your teeth are polished with toothpaste, you also say that your rings shine if you put a little toothpaste on them. It’s a matter of putting some cream on the object and remove residue with a damp cloth. Result: newlywed ring.

Sure can also use it to clean the metal mesh watch, and shines chrome surfaces. And if you want another trick to clean the plate, just put some toothpaste on the surface of the plate, passing a cloth and then wash. Result: Enough iron stains on clothing.

Perfect Walls

Your son again led his artwork to the max and although it is good news, the bad is that it has on the dining room wall. But that’s no problem; you just have to take a bit of toothpaste, a toothbrush and a cloth. The color of the crayons on the wall will be a thing of the past. Result: A shimmering wall.

Also, if you want to decorate your walls with pictures but you always regret where you hang, it is best to take a bit of toothpaste and fill that hole in an instant, you can even wait for them to dry and give it a paint last wall. Result: smooth walls without holes.

Simple Freshener

Your wife has already told you that the car has a smell that is not going well because you dizzy, it is best to put a little toothpaste on a paper towel, fold it and put it under a seat or in a place where hard-paste the sun when not inside.

Maybe when you are finishing shopping and get in the car the smell of mint is what she was waiting, a simple way to flavor your car. Result: a happy wife.

We hope these tricks toothpaste cleaning fun and have proven very useful. In addition, it is worth knowing how to clean the house without chemicals.

Cleaning Tricks with Toothpaste

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