Coffee cup flower pot holders

Hey everyone, thought I would share a quick and easy project using coffee cups and wood candle holders.

This was a super easy project and very inexpensive too. With Mothers day being right around the corner, thought it would make a wonderful Mothers day gift for Mom.

You could also consider giving them for a May day basket.[expand title=”Expand and Read More” trigpos=”below”]

So I started this project by visiting my local thrift shop and found a couple wooden candle holders I liked. Then I found some adorable coffee cups that had pretty flowers on them. Thought they would be perfect for my flower pot theme.Coffee cup flower pot holders

These are the plain wooden candle holders I picked out for this project. They originally held a taper candle in them. But I had much bigger plans for them. When looking through the thrift shop, look for something similar that might work to hold the coffee cups. Does not half to a candle holder.Coffee cup flower pot holders

The coffee cups I chose had pretty flowers on them. One had a bumble bee and the other had a butterfly. They were perfect for making them into flower pots.Coffee cup flower pot holders

I started off by spray painting the wooden candle holders with American Accent Stone spray. I wanted an outdoor look to the holders. I chose a sandstone color. It comes in a variety of different colors. You don’t half to use the stone spray, you could use an acrylic spray if you wanted too. I would recommend that if you do use an acrylic spray that you also use a clear coat to cover it with, if you plan on it being outdoors.Coffee cup flower pot holders

After you have it sprayed, Let this dry overnight.Coffee cup flower pot holders

To attach the Coffee Cups to the candle holder I used E 6000 Glue. You can find this in your local hardware store, or craft stores. This stuff is super strong, and the fumes are extremely smelly. It is very important that when using E 6000 that you take all necessary precautions. Use it in a well ventilated area, use a mask and wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. Make sure to read all the instructions prior to use. Now II have used this glue many times and It works super well.Coffee cup flower pot holders

Apply the glue onto the candle holder as shown in the pictures. Place your Coffee Cup onto the holder and hold it for a few moments until the glue adheres enough to where you don’t half to hold it.Coffee cup flower pot holders

Let this dry overnight, ensuring that the glue has cured and holds the cups into place.

While your coffee cup flower pots are drying, you can go shopping for your flowers. You won’t need many plants as the coffee cups are not that big. I got about 2 pansy plants in each one. You can plant any plant that you want into yours.

And the finished project. I hung my flower pots with nails onto my fence post in the back yard.

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