Distressed Nutcrackers

A couple days ago I made nutcracker jars and decided to make a separate post on how I made them distressed. I just love the way they turned out. I bought these two large nutcrackers from the Dollar Tree. I love nutcrackers, but I wanted something different, something more neutral and less, colorful. Since these were only $1 each, I didn’t feel as bad giving them a makeover.

Distressed NutcrackersDistressed NutcrackersI spray painted them with Rustoleum’s satin ivory, I use this color on a lot of things I spray paint. It’s a great, simple color and goes on so smoothly! I sprayed three coats to get it fully covered. I wasn’t sure if I liked the fact that the hair got spray painted as well but I think it all goes together nicely. After spray painting and letting it dry, I then used a sand block and started to sand away.

Distressed NutcrackersThe sand block worked perfectly for this project. I started sanding in certain areas I wanted the ‘old’ color to peek through, I didn’t want to go to overboard so in some spots I sanded lightly. This part was a lot of fun.

Distressed NutcrackersAfter I was happy with the way it turned out I moved on to the other big one.

Distressed NutcrackersI seriously can’t get over how much I love them. When I first started the spray painting process I immediately freaked out, wondering why I decided to ruin this poor little guy, instead of looking back I moved forward and they turned out so much better than I had hoped! Thank goodness.

Distressed NutcrackersAfter finishing the big nutcrackers I started working on the little ones. I did the exact same thing as I had done before.

Distressed Nutcrackers

Distressed NutcrackersI’m so happy I took the leap and got my handy dandy spray can out. I absolutely love these nutcrackers! They go perfect in our house and will look great by our mini tree. Hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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Distressed Nutcrackers