DIY $1 Sisal Picture Frame

I found yet another way to decorate my favorite $1 frame from Michaels. This time I decided to go with some sisal, cause what beach themed house is complete without a little sisal???
What you need:

  • $1 Picture Frame (Michaels)
  • Sisal rope (Home Depot)
  • Hot Glue Gun
DIY $1 Sisal Picture FrameI then started by measuring out the length of the picture frame with the sisal. I then used this as the template to cut the rest. You can see the piles below of the long and short pieces I have ready before I started gluing. My tip for pre-cutting the strips is to check they are the same length as the original as you are going along. If you glue strips on that are longer than the picture frame they will need to be trimmed to the right length and that is no easy task once they are glued on the frame.
DIY $1 Sisal Picture FrameThen it’s fairly simple from there, just run a strip of hot glue and then place the strip of sisal.
DIY $1 Sisal Picture FrameRepeat this step for each new row.
DIY $1 Sisal Picture FrameAnd then you have a beachy sisal picture frame, yet another inexpensive use for those $1 Michaels picture frames!
DIY $1 Sisal Picture Frame
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DIY $1 Sisal Picture Frame