DIY Airplane Wall Art

I love Craigslist! A lovely man tore down his fence and listed it for free on Craigslist. I went over and completely loaded up. Filled the Subaru up to the roof with the stuff. Yay! I have enough weathered wood to last for a year!

DIY Airplane Wall ArtI briefly mentioned and toyed with the idea of trying to do a knock off of this fabulous pottery barn airplane.

I found two examples on line, but just don’t think I have the patience for it. And at $299, I was not ever going to buy it in a million years.

But, I wanted an airplane silhouette for the room and my mind ran away with me when I gazed upon my free weathered wood fencing.
It was all cut in half already, so I chose a chunk that was fairly solid.

DIY Airplane Wall ArtI ran to search airplane silhouettes on google and found this.

Then I discovered a neat feature on my printer. I opened up the “photo workshop” option and “create posters” was a choice. I had no idea what that meant, but was super happy when I figured it out. It put my image in a grid screen and allowed me to choose the number of grids (the number of pieces of paper) I wanted the photo blown up to. So I chose 4, printed it and cut it out.

DIY Airplane Wall ArtI traced it onto my work area, and painted it black.

DIY Airplane Wall ArtThen I messily slopped some white paint on top of that.

DIY Airplane Wall ArtThen I messily slopped some walnut tinted glaze on top of that.
I sanded it all down and went back with the black to highlight and darken certain areas.

DIY Airplane Wall ArtI screwed some fat screws into the connecting boards along the back, attached some random chain I found in the garage, attached the chains to a hook and hung it on the screw.

DIY Airplane Wall ArtIt looks really cool!

DIY Airplane Wall ArtWhile my finished product looks nothing like my inspiration,

DIY Airplane Wall ArtI wouldn’t have come up with my piece if I hadn’t seen the original in Pottery Barn. It is fun to watch the directions your creativity can take you. And for 100% free, I LOVE it!

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DIY Airplane Wall Art