DIY Braided Collar Trim

Skill Level: Easy
Time: < 30 Min
Great temporary or permanent alteration

-Yarn (not wool), scarp fabric strips, or old T
-Glue (optional)

DIY Braided Collar TrimCut your yarn into 3 pieces that are each 3 times the length around the collar of the shirt you are adding the trim to. Braid these three pieces and knot the ends. Do the same if you are using strips of fabric scraps.
~I suggest non wool yarn because it will felt in a warm wash cycle~

You can also use an old t-shirt (which is what I used in the top picture). Find a shirt with seamless sides, cut up one side from the bottom to the armpit. And cut across the body of the shirt in 1″ strips. Stretch the strips a little so they curl in, and braid them.

DIY Braided Collar TrimThread your needle.
Start at the back of the neck and align the braid where you want it to be stitched. Start at the center (make sure to leave a couple extra inches at the end of the braid- which you will need later) and begin to stitch from the underside. Push the needle through the shirt, grabbing just the under layers of the braid and push it back to the underside. Doing so will hide the thread and give a cleaner look. Stitch all the way around the collar.

~For a more kid-friendly project, you can glue the braid to the shirt~

DIY Braided Collar Trim DIY Braided Collar Trim DIY Braided Collar TrimWhen you get to the end (where you started) make a knot with the two ends of the braid and cut off the excess braid.

DIY Braided Collar Trim DIY Braided Collar TrimAnd you are done!

DIY Braided Collar Trim DIY Braided Collar TrimDIY Braided Collar Trim

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