DIY Button Rings

This is probably the easiest way to make button rings – no glue necessary!

1. Supplies: A button, a paperclip, a wire cutter and a stick or a marker.

2. Start with bending the paperclip into a straight rubber coated wire. To avoid bumps on the wire, bend first too much, then back again. The recipe I used calls for:

  DIY Button Rings

3. Then bend the wire on the middle.

4. Thread the button. DIY Button Rings

5. Bend the two wire ends so that you lock the button.

6. Twirl the wire ends around the stick. DIY Button Rings

7. When you now remove the stick you see that the paperclip and the button have become a ring! You don’t want the ends sticking out touching the other fingers, so:

8. Cut the ends with the wire cutter and you’re done!DIY Button Rings

To get some variation among the rings you make, you can use two paperclips and all four buttonholes.

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DIY Button Rings