DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath

I love Christmas. LOVE it. Everything about it, the smell of a fresh-cut tree, Christmas lights wherever you look, stockings hung up, giving gifts wrapped in pretty paper and bows, being with family, the wonderful food… I could go on, but I won’t bore you. I really am trying my hardest to get in the “Christmas spirit.”

From growing up where it was really cold and it snowed during Christmas, most of the time, to moving where it’s still sometimes in the mid-seventies in the middle of November, is really hard for me. I like my snow, I like my winter, I like my cold. See the problem? I’ve been putting off doing Christmas projects for as long as possible but I knew it was time to start making them, so I finally got to it and made my very first Christmas project.

I love the look of silver and gold, there’s something so timeless about it, which is why I wanted to make a wreath out of silver and gold ornaments. I’ve seen these wreaths a lot of places and I love them, they’re absolutely beautiful! I just didn’t love the price. I knew I could make one for a lot cheaper and knew that it’ll soon be time to take down our Fall Burlap Wreath and I wanted to make something to put in its place.

DIY Christmas Ornament WreathIgnore the wrinkly sheet, I didn’t realize how wrinkly it was till AFTER I took the pics… whoops!

What you will need:

  • Wreath-any kind you can find.
  • Decorative Bow.
  • Ornaments, ranging from small, medium to large. For this project I used eighty five… crazy!
  • Hot glue gun and lots of glue sticks!

DIY Christmas Ornament WreathThis is the wreath I bought, I got it at the Dollar Tree, where I got everything for this project, it cost under $10 to make! Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. The wreath was a little crazy when I purchased it so I tamed it down, you can see from the before part and after.

DIY Christmas Ornament WreathI started with a pile of silver and gold ornaments, the Dollar Tree had such a big selection of different ones, I couldn’t pick so I kinda got them all. It’s hard for me to choose between so many pretty things. 

DIY Christmas Ornament WreathBefore getting all crazy with the glue gun and sticking the ornaments on the wreath I took the metal tops off of all the ornaments. Luckily they come off really easy!

DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath

DIY Christmas Ornament WreathI put a lot of glue around it, I wanted to make sure it’d stay. I’m pretty sure I accomplished that. 

DIY Christmas Ornament WreathI started by gluing the ornaments to the inside of the wreath. You can start anywhere, really, I just preferred doing it this way and it made it pretty easy afterwards.

DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath

DIY Christmas Ornament WreathThen I just had fun with it and glued them wherever I pleased. While singing the song, “Silver & Gold.”

DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath

DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath

DIY Christmas Ornament WreathTa-da! It took a while for me to do, only because I kept going and doing other things. It’s hard for me to sit in one place for too long, I got it done though!

I’ve loved so much the wreath without the red bow so I didn’t put it anymore. If you are a bow people for your wreath you can use it I don’t judge.

DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath

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