DIY Clothespin Candle Holder

Hey guys! I promised you projects and I’m here to deliver! I have another easy peasy diy project for you guys! Just takes a little patience, or in my case, a lot!

First off, I used the can that had white chicken in it, after washing it of course! I liked the size of it, it was perfect for this project.

DIY Clothespin Candle Holder
DIY Clothespin Candle HolderI had two of them set aside to use, I peeled off the label, which came off pretty easy! If you do have problems with the label coming off or the sticky stuff staying on, just use goof off. I love that stuff!DIY Clothespin Candle HolderI got this pack of 36 clothespins at the Dollar Tree (of course)!
DIY Clothespin Candle HolderI wanted to switch it up a little bit and try a new spray paint. I went to Home Depot and got this Rustoleum, multicolor textured kind, in a dark mocha brown. I spent a little more on spray paint this time and spent $5.86.
DIY Clothespin Candle HolderI love the way these came out! Especially the texture of them! I only put one coat of spray paint on these, I think they covered very well!
DIY Clothespin Candle HolderI also spray painted the clothespins, that way they’d blend in well going on the cans. This also took one coat. I am a very big fan of textured spray paint now! 🙂
DIY Clothespin Candle HolderAfter you spray paint the can and the clothespins, let them dry for awhile. I learned that textured spray paint takes a little bit more time than the regular ones. After that just simply start putting them onto the can, as close as possible.
DIY Clothespin Candle HolderWhat did I tell ya? Super easy, right?! 🙂 I didn’t spray paint the inside of the clothespins because I liked how they looked when on the can. I think it adds a little somethin’, somethin’. After putting all the clothespins on, I did spray paint it one last time. Just making sure I got into all the nooks and crannies.
DIY Clothespin Candle HolderI got these unscented tea-light candles at the Dollar Tree as well.
DIY Clothespin Candle HolderI put just a regular small glass in the holder and then added the tea-light. There you have it! This goes so well with everything in our house! Hope you guys found it just as easy I did! 🙂
As always, thank you for stopping by!
DIY Clothespin Candle Holder

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