DIY Crystal Fan Earrings

I had to DIY something easy to bring green and blue together. I’ve also gone a little crazy pinning different styles of crystal fan earrings. Combining two trends, I created these DIY crystal fan earrings, using some crystals I had on hand with petite rhinestones from Wander & Hunt. The trick to these do-it-yourself earrings? Using wax paper let’s you glue without worrying about your earrings sticking to your work surface.

Tools and Materials:

  • A viscous super glue (I used E6000)
  • Toothpick and wax paper
  • Small marquise rhinestones (I used these in emerald, c/o Wander & Hunt)
  • Medium marquise crystals (I used these navettes)
  • Earring posts (and backs)

DIY Crystal Fan EarringsHow to:
1) Squeeze a blog of glue onto the wax paper.
2) Use the toothpick to apply the glue to one side of the medium sized crystal. Place on the waxed paper.
3) Add glue one side of a smaller crystal or rhinestone.
DIY Crystal Fan Earrings4) Press the two crystals together (glue sides together), with the smaller one fanning out from the larger crystal.
5) Repeat adding glue to the next three rhinestones, pressing each rhinestone into the next. Don’t worry about getting stuck to the wax paper, we’ll get to that soon!
6) Repeat to form a second earring, mirroring the pattern of the first. Let the earrings dry for at least 30 minutes, until the glue is partially set. Then, peel off from the wax paper.
7) Add glue earring posts.
DIY Crystal Fan Earrings8) Press firmly onto earring backs, and let the earrings dry overnight.
DIY Crystal Fan Earrings

DIY Crystal Fan Earrings

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