DIY Floral Chandelier

To welcome in the new season – or to keep a little bit of floral cheer in your room try this floral chandelier craft. This is a project I’ve wanted to do for a few years, ever since I had breakfast with my family in Brisbane’s West End and took a snap shot of a gorgeous floral chandelier at a beautiful place.

I researched a few different versions of floral chandeliers online and found some ideas. I prefer the plastic though, it looks so real when it’s on your ceiling. It’s also so simple to make due to the wire. Very pretty. This would look great in a child’s room (especially one that loves fairies!)


  • Wire lampshade: In hindsight I wish I’d just grabbed a dollar lampshade from the tipshop and ripped the material off it. I ended up paying alot for this one from Spotlight. Bleh.
  • Fake flowers: I spent roughly $30 on fake flowers from Spotlight. I bought blue, purple, orange yellow and white ones. The white ones were the most expensive – it was a garland of six flowers. This is the garland that goes around the base. There were lots of different colours.
  • Fake ivy/greenery – again for the base of the lampshade.
  • Florists tape.
  • Scissors.

DIY Floral ChandelierThe instructions are pretty simple: decorate how you want! Just remember to keep weaving in and out and use the wire to your advantage.

  • Put the ivy around the bottom of the shade – weaving in and out – and then up and over the top of the lampshade.
  • Weaved the white garland of flowers around the base
  • Cut the stems off the purple and orange flowers so we could twist and place them within the greenery (this is where the florist’s tape comes in handy!)
  • Then cut flowers and leaves around the top part where the globe was going to sit as not to create a fire hazard!
  • Voila – your pretty chandelier is done!

DIY Floral Chandelier DIY Floral Chandelier DIY Floral Chandelier If you do this craft I’d love to see how yours turns out! So simple and pretty.

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DIY Floral Chandelier