DIY Fringe Bathing Suit

I saw a photo on pintrest at the beginning of the year of a beautiful blonde girl in a fringe bikini; and well I fell in love with the suit and was determined to get one. I shopped around on the internet to see where I could buy one, all were around $100 dollars. $100 dollars on a bathing suit?! Yikes! I wasn’t going to spend that much money, I only wear a bathing suit a few times a summer and I think it is ridiculous how much they cost.

So I decided to make my dream suit out of an old top I had. I prefer bandeau tops; I hate triangle tops because I don’t like how it tie behind the neck. I always bothers my skin, but the bandeau is perfect and has an optional strap you can wear when needed. (I definitely needed it this weekend while jet skiing, otherwise I probably would have lost my top!)

What you will need:

  • Bandeau bathing suit top (a triangle top would work as well, just look differently)
  • Sharp sewing shears
  • Sewing pins, ruler, pencil or marker
  • Sewing machine
  • About 1/4 or 1/2 yard swim type fabric

*I bought 1/2 yard fabric so I would have extra in case I made mistakes and so I can make extra fringe for matching bottoms, but 1/4 should be plenty of material. I also bought fabric that was a bit shiny so it would stand out from the black material on my suit.

1. Cut material to desired size that fits suit top. Lay outside down (in my case shiny side down) and pin material to top of suit across the whole top.

DIY Fringe Bathing Suit2. Sew fabric to suit top using sewing machine. Use a stitch suitable for stretchy fabric so it doesn’t not tear when worn.

DIY Fringe Bathing Suit3. After material is sewn on, try on the suit and decide how long the fringe will be. I wanted mine to be long, so I made the middle reach down to my belly button. Put a pin in the fabric at desired length to mark it.

DIY Fringe Bathing Suit4. Once length is chosen, measure a straight line across fabric with a ruler or tape and cut fabric.

DIY Fringe Bathing Suit5. Once fabric is trimmed to desired length, its time to cut the fringe. It helps to have another person to hold the fabric in place since it stretches and can get difficult. Using a pencil or marker, mark where the cuts will be to make things easier. I made my fringe strips 1/2 inch thick. My boyfriend helped me by holding the top and bottom of the suit and fabric while I cut, so nothing moved or stretched and my fringe came out straight!

DIY Fringe Bathing SuitAfter all fringe strips are cut, try on the top. Fringe can either be left long and straight, but I made mine in a triangle-ish shape using a ruler to create straight lines.

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DIY Fringe Bathing SuitI wore my new suit to the lake this past Sunday where I spent the day enjoying the sun and riding our family jet skis with my parents and my boyfriend and eventually Nicole and her husband. It was really a wonderful day and a great little get away to relax. Hopefully this summer allows for more opportunities for jet ski ridding, and hopefully I can avoid another terrible sun burn!