DIY Gold Thanksgiving Table

Today I’m happy to welcome Becky from This Is Happiness to share her beautiful DIY Thanksgiving Table. Everyone welcome her kindly!
I am the author of This Is Happiness blog where I share all things related to decorating, organizing, entertaining, cooking, and DIY-ing. Today I wanted to share a couple of easy, inexpensive DIYs to glam up your Thanksgiving table.

DIY Gold Thanksgiving TableThe first DIY is this gold, glitter table runner. It always seems as though I can never find a table runner to fit my style. So after several unsuccessful attempts to find one that I liked enough to purchase, I decided to make my own.
DIY Gold Thanksgiving TableI love Target’s $1 wrapping paper! It’s the perfect size to use in the middle of a table. I found this brown polka dot paper which I really liked but felt it needed a little something. So using a gel adhesive with a round sponge applicator and gold glitter I was able to transform it into a chic table runner. *tip – If you want to reuse your runner, you can go to the hardware store and have an inexpensive, clear laminate piece cut to protect it from drinks, etc.
DIY Gold Thanksgiving TableNext up are these gold leaf place cards. I wanted to add a special touch to my place setting and I think these hit the mark.
DIY Gold Thanksgiving TableA couple of weeks ago I took my family on a scavenger hunt for leaves. We decided on these big maple leaves, so we collected about 10 and I pressed them in a book for about 2 weeks. Next I pulled them out and added a quick coat of gold metallic spray paint. For the names, I used clear laser labels. Once I found a font I liked I simply printed and cut out each name and stuck it to the leaf. I considered writing the names with a sharpie, but my handwriting is not the best, so this worked better for me.
DIY Gold Thanksgiving Table

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DIY Gold Thanksgiving Table