DIY golf pen holder

This whole little project all started because of a wine cork. Wine cork! Golf! Well my husband is a huge fan of this sport, so I thought to make him a little gift. I hope that he will like it in the end.
DIY golf pen holder

All I could see when I looked at that cork was a golf ball!
DIY golf pen holderI found grass scrapbook paper and mod-podged it on a $1.00 frame from Michaels.
DIY golf pen holderI put a little piece of turf on the cardboard piece from the frame.
DIY golf pen holderI painted the top of the cork white.
DIY golf pen holderNow I needed a golf bag. Look how icky that prescription bottle looks. I didn’t get the label off real well. They don’t come off so easy!
DIY golf pen holderI painted the bottle black and then wrapped it in leather. I added a small leather cord for the strap and buttons for wheels.
DIY golf pen holderI took pens and put silver paper down in them and wrapped the end in electrician tape.
That simple little cork sitting in my kitchen turned into quite a project, but I love how it turned out. Greg has it sitting on his desk now, so it was all worth it!
DIY golf pen holder

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