DIY Hobby Horse

I love using recycled materials to make a DIY toy. This DIY Hobby horse is no exception and was made with completely free materials! Your little one will have hours of fun with this hobby horse and it can be customised to suit your child.

I used:

  • 1 cardboard tube (from an empty roll of wrapping paper)
  • Ribbon for decoration (left over from gifts given to us over Christmas)
  • 2 sheets of brown cardboard (left over from boxes from gifts etc.)
  • 2 googly eyes (removed from a googly eye Christmas card but they are very cheap to buy)
  • White string, for the horses mane
  • Sellotape and glue

First of all, I drew the side profile of a horse onto one of the pieces of card. Once I was happy with it, I cut it out and used it as a template for the other side. Because I used brown card (I’m all for keeping things easy,) I haven’t painted it but you could easily either paint it, or cover it in fabric for a different effect.
DIY Hobby HorseThe ‘googly eyes’ really bring the hobby horse to life…
DIY Hobby HorseThen I used string to create a mane effect. I tied lengths of string together and taped it to the reverse side of each piece. This meant that the tape would be concealed, as I glued the two pieces together once I had three bits of mane showing on each side.
DIY Hobby Horse
Once the horses head was assembled, I held the cardboard tube up to the base to see how wide apart the two slots needed to be, to hold it in place. I made a couple of marks to show me where to cut.
DIY Hobby Horse
You’ll need to cut these carefully, as if they are too wide, the horses head will keep falling off! Start off small and keep testing it…
DIY Hobby Horse
I glued on some lovely red ribbon to form the harness. If your child is a little older, you could also tie on some string to use as reigns.
DIY Hobby HorseI had a good amount of the ribbon left, so I used dots of glue to secure the ribbon around the cardboard tube. This was the finishing touch it needed and I love that this hobby horse re-uses materials to give items a recycled new life!

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DIY Hobby Horse