DIY Marshmallow Catapults

My son recently had a math and science night. It was an impressive and fun evening. He and another friend went off together to do various activities and he’s still talking about it. One activity they didn’t get to do was to make a marshmallow catapult. We found this video that describes how to make one like he saw that night.


  • a wire coat hanger
  • 2 rubber bands
  • a plastic spoon
  • mini marshmallows

DIY Marshmallow Catapults It took a few attempts for the kids to get the hang of shooting a marshmallow across the room. However, once they did it was quite a fun thing for them to try to hit different objects.  We experimented with making the rubber band looser and tighter and using regular marshmallows and mini marshmallows (the regular ones don’t work too well).DIY Marshmallow Catapults

DIY Marshmallow Catapults

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