DIY popsicle stick airplane catapult

I found this idea online a while back but there were no instructions to go with it. Boo! It looked so much fun that me and my little guy went ahead and figured it out on our own. Here is how we did it:[expand title=”Expand and Read More” trigpos=”below”]

• water bottle or another type of small lid
• 4-5 Rubber bands (Note to self: use smaller rubber bands next time so I don’t have to wrap it around so many flippin’ times.)
• 9 Popsicle sticks
• Hot glue gun … and glue 😉
DIY popsicle stick airplane catapult

1: Gather up supplies and plug in your glue gun so it can be heating up.

2-3. Plane Wings: Stack 7 popsicle sticks on top of each other and secure both ends with rubber bands.

4: Plane Nose and Body: Using the 2 remaining popsicle sticks, place one on top of the wings and one on the bottom facing perpendicular to the wings. Attach the 2 sticks together at one end with a rubber band.

5-6: Finish securing the body to the wings by crisscrossing a rubber band from the back of the right wing to the front of the left several times and then the other direction so the rubber band forms an x. (I used 2 rubber bands for illustration purposes but one will work fine too.)

7: With hot glue attach a bottle cap to the back end of the plane’s body.
Now find things to fling! My little guy loved using cotton balls, scrap paper wadded up into balls, and other small toys. Watch out … it works REALLY well!

[/expand]DIY popsicle stick airplane catapult