DIY Princess Tiara

This craft is for a bride, a ballerina or just someone who needs to feel like a princess. Stock up on the beaded Christmas trim at the holiday sales.


  • thin white headband (dollar store)
  • beaded Christmas tree trim
  • pearls
  • thin wire
  • skinny white satin ribbon
  • white glue

DIY Princess TiaraTools:

  • scissors

DIY Princess TiaraGlue the end of the ribbon to the end and inside of the headband. Spread more glue on first 2 inches of the headband (inside). Wrap the satin ribbon around and around the headband for 2 inches.

Place a section of the beaded trim on the headband and wrap the ribbon around it and the band until you get to the last 2 inches of the headband, adding more trim if needed, along the way. When you get two inches from the end, cut off the trim, and spread glue on the inside of the band. Continue to wrap the ribbon until the end. Cut off the ribbon at a diagonal. Put a drop of glue to the inside of the band and press the end of the ribbon in place.

DIY Princess TiaraThread pearls onto the thin wire. *note: put many more pearls than you think you will possibly need. Beginning at one end of the trim, wrap the wire around the band several times to secure. Wrap wired pearls around the band placing the pearls in regular intervals between the trim beads. Continue along with the headband and the trim until you get to the end of the trim. Wrap the wire around the band several times. Cut the wire and tuck the end.

In less than 20 minutes you will have a lovely tiara, fit for any princess.

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DIY Princess Tiara