DIY Rolled Paper Rosettes

They were easy to make, cost next to nothing, don’t need water, and never die. I made these beauties with some pages of sheet music from books I picked up at Goodwill. I think I paid $1 for both of them, and they will serve me well for at least 4 or 5 projects.
The best part is, I am going to show you exactly what I did. The entire project took about 45 minutes.

DIY Rolled Paper Rosettes
DIY Rolled Paper RosettesMaterials

  • sheets of paper (colors, book pages, sheet music)
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • branches
  • vase

1. I used two tones of paper for a bit more interest in the final product
2. Cut large circles from your paper and spiral cut each one
3. Start rolling at the outer edge
4. Keep on rolling, don’t let go
DIY Rolled Paper Rosettes5. When you get all the way to the middle pop a dot of glue on the circle
6. Secure it to the bottom of the flower<
7. WAIT, let go very slowly and carefully and let the bloom unfold to your desired size-BUT DON’T LET GO ALL THE WAY!
DIY Rolled Paper Rosettes8. Strategically put dots of glue throughout the flower petals. Test it by letting go just a tiny bit to be sure it won’t unfurl completely and make you shout d*@#&!
I probably needed about 5 or 6 extra spots of glue to keep each flower together
DIY Rolled Paper Rosettes9. Place your branches in your vase and glue on  the blooms
DIY Rolled Paper RosettesI love it! I am glad I used two different tones of paper. I like the aged feel of the dark flowers.
I may make one with springy colors to decorate for Easter. Hmm, I could add tiny eggs to the branches and Easter basket grass inside the vase.

DIY Rolled Paper Rosettes

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