DIY: Rope Bowl

I have quite a love for WWII military, and this bowl fits perfectly into that love being made out of a 1940s Army tent rope.  This bowl was so easy to make and perfect for storing my little trinkets that I always tend to lose.

Skill level: easy
Time: 15-30 minutes

Mold for bowl (glass works best)
Hot Glue Gun
Thread (optional)
DIY: Rope Bowl

The rope I am using is from a vintage military tent, but you can buy new rope at any hardware store, or old rope digging around at a local thrift or flea market.

To start forming the bowl:  Take your heated hot glue gun and put a dab of glue at the end of the rope and turn it so you glue the rope to itself in a spiral pattern.  Continue dabbing a little glue and turning the rope until the spiral rope disk is about the size of the base of your mold.
Flip your mold upside down and place your rope disk on the bottom.  Using the mold as your shape guide, continue to dab glue and glue the rope to itself in the spiral pattern around the mold until you run out of rope or you are happy with the size of the bowl.

~ Optional: Wrap thread around the end of the rope, tie the tread ends together and cut off the excess.  This will prevent the rope fraying more and adds a pop of color to the bowl ~

When you are done gluing, simply pull the rope bowl off the mold (may take a little pealing and gentle prying, depending on how much glue got onto the mold) and you are done!!

DIY: Rope Bowl DIY: Rope Bowl DIY: Rope Bowl DIY: Rope Bowl DIY: Rope Bowl DIY: Rope Bowl

Here is a second bowl I made using a larger mold and hemp cord.  This bowl was a little messier to make because the cord was much thinner than the rope I used on the other bowl.
DIY: Rope Bowl DIY: Rope Bowl

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DIY: Rope Bowl