DIY Rustic Antler Art

Before I moved into my apartment, I made this antler wall decor that I’m in love with. I haven’t found a spot for it yet in my new place and I’m not planning on putting it up until I move into my new home, but for now you just get some pretty pictures of it sitting with tons of cozy pillows around it.

DIY Rustic Antler ArtWhile in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in April, last year, I came across this antique store in the middle of no where, it was literally off the beaten path and I may have almost gotten lost a few times but it was so worth it when I finally got there.

DIY Rustic Antler ArtThey had two huge bins of these metal antlers and I had to have a set to bring back with me to Indiana. I had no clue what I was going to do with them so they sat around for awhile and then I had this idea to mount them on wood.

DIY Rustic Antler ArtThe place where I work has a big barn full of old barn wood and they let me take whatever I wanted so I found some awesome pieces that I cut to a size I wanted and then drilled some holes in and stuck the antlers in place.

To make sure they didn’t move any, I hot glued around the hole. I then added some greenery and flowers and I just love how it all pulled together!

I can’t wait to be able to hang this up in my home. What do you think of my rustic antler art? As always, thanks for stopping by!

DIY Rustic Antler Art

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