DIY Stain-Aged Clothespin Holder

This is a nice low cost, quick craft you can make, probably with supplies already in your house. On top of being easy, you get a very versatile end result.

What you need:

  • Tuna can
  • 20 clothespins
  • Steel wool/vinegar stain
DIY Stain-Aged Clothespin HolderDIY Stain-Aged Clothespin Holder
Now I first got the idea for this from Pamela Nguyen. If you follow my crafts you may notice I stain all wood with the steel wool/vinegar stain. I saw the new looking close pin holder and figured I could age that with my stain, and good news, it works!

I simply dipped the clothespin into my handy stock of steel wool/vinegar stain. {If you don’t have a stock of this stain you should! Just put steel wool and vinegar in an old jar and throw under the sink}
DIY Stain-Aged Clothespin HolderLay them out with some paper towel covered newspaper.

DIY Stain-Aged Clothespin Holder
Freshly dipped clothespin
DIY Stain-Aged Clothespin Holder
Clothespin after 5 minutes

If you get new clothespins they seem to be coated in a waterproofing of sorts and will wick away the stain. If you find blotches, similar to the ones above, run sand paper over them briefly and then re-dip.
DIY Stain-Aged Clothespin HolderNow you can use to your liking! I like to grow Hyacinth bulbs in water during the winter to have a splash of color and fragrance in those cold winter months. I also found they make a really cute pencil holder!
DIY Stain-Aged Clothespin HolderDIY Stain-Aged Clothespin HolderThanks all, hope you enjoy!

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DIY Stain-Aged Clothespin Holder