DIY Stamped Bunny Towels

Okay guys. Is anybody as obsessed with bunnies as I am? I mean seriously, it just kind of happened and I have to have everything that’s covered in bunnies now, it’s a problem. Anyways, I was walking around in Michaels one evening after work and found my way into the stamp area and found this lovely little bunny stamp. Of course I also had a coupon and ya’ll know that you can’t let a coupon go to waste, especially when it’s forty percent off, yay!

DIY Stamped Bunny TowelsI’ve been wanting to diy some towels for awhile now, but I’ve never ran across a stamp that I had to have or found the right towels for it. Well, it’s like I was suppose to make these towels because both items kinda popped out of no where, crazy how that happens.

Well after buying the stamp and freaking out because I didn’t have the towels I wanted for it, my sister and I made a trip to Target and right before my eyes laid the exact towels I wanted. Just picture a crazed girl jumping up and down in the aisle, shrieking and going in panic mode, cause I’m pretty sure that happened, which is why my sister probably doesn’t want to go shopping with me much, ha!

DIY Stamped Bunny TowelsYou can purchase a four pack of these towels at Target for pretty cheap. They are the perfect material for this diy. The only problem is that you have to iron them because the creases are very noticeable. I’m not much for ironing so that was a chore for me, but so worth it!

DIY Stamped Bunny TowelsI used permanent ink that way it wouldn’t wash out and so far, no problems. I placed the stamp wherever but it turned out to be an angled pattern I went for and I love the space between the bunnies because I think it makes them stand out more.

DIY Stamped Bunny TowelsNow that I have these bunny towels, I pretty much want to go on a stamping frenzy and stamp everything in sight, so nothing is safe at the moment. Be prepared to see upcoming posts featuring stamps!

I don’t really plan on using mine for towels more so for decorating purposes, just because I love how they look draped over something. This is my favorite project at the moment and I still can’t get over how well it turned out because lets face it, nothing turns out exactly how you imagine it will, but this came pretty close and I’ll take it!

DIY Stamped Bunny TowelsAnd don’t mind the lantern without a candle in it, I’m on the hunt for one and it’s a lot harder than I thought it’d be to find one! What do you think of my stamped bunny towels? Have you made something similar? I’d love to know! As always, thanks for stopping by!

DIY Stamped Bunny Towels

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