DIY Succulent Mason Jar Gift

They take no time to whip together and even the non-crafter could make these in a snap. All you need is spray paint, a glass jar (I used pickle jars and mason jars..just whatever I had on hand), chalk spray paint (optional), metal/wooden tags, twine, and your dirt and succulents..or whatever you want to plant.

DIY Succulent Mason Jar GiftStart by flipping your jars over, so they are sitting on the opening. I don’t like to get paint on the inside of the jars so that the plants to absorb the chemicals. Give the jar a coat or two of spray paint and let them fully dry.

DIY Succulent Mason Jar GiftOnce your jar is dry add a piece of twine around the top. This black jar is chalk spray paint.

DIY Succulent Mason Jar GiftIf you are spraying the jar with a non chalk paint you can make a custom tag. The tags I used are metal, but you could use any kind of tag you prefer or having in your stock pile. I really like these wooden tags too and these chalk board tags!! Just make sure you use a size that fits your jar.

Then I used a white marker to draw on it, in my best 6-year-old font I could muster ha.

DIY Succulent Mason Jar GiftFill up your jar with dirt. If you are using succulents, I’ll give you a few tips.

1. They like dry soil. I use moisture control soil when dealing with succulents. I also like to mix some fish rocks in the soil or even Pete moss. It helps break the dirt up some and keep the moisture off of the roots.

2. Only water about once every 2-3 weeks. I use a spray bottle and mist the dirt.

3. They like the sun. Lots and Lots of sun.

4. There are also two kinds of succulents. If you have cold winters and are planting outside, make sure you purchase “hardy” succulents. Most hardy ones are in the hens and chicks family. They need cold winters to go through their cycles. They will look dead in the spring, but they come back!! Its magical to see them growing!

DIY Succulent Mason Jar GiftThen fill your jar up with some goodies. I used two kinds of succulents in this pot. The ones that look like cobwebs are covering them…they are one of my favorites. Can you guess what they are called? Did you guess Cobwebs…you are RIGHT! lol.

This one I wrote on with a chalk marker, but you could put any message..or draw something fun on it to give it as a gift. Then they can erase it and write their own messages. How fun is that! You could even give them the chalk marker since its under $3 too.

There you have it. Two simply styles of succulent planters that make the perfect gifts for any and every occasion.

I did a baby yellow one for my daughters teacher too. It turned out so cute! Happy Crafting!

DIY Succulent Mason Jar Gift

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