DIY Tissue Box Glamour

The time when these classic movies(b&w) were made was such a wonderful era, if you ask me! It got me thinking about glamorous decorating. I am starting to discover that I really like touches of luxe mixed in with more subtle surfaces and fabrics. I was ruminating about these types of ideas, and all of a sudden I needed to sneeze and reached for a tissue.

Tissue stored in a boring old paper tissue box.

This irked me.

I can almost never find a tissue box for which I like the packaging. I looked at that box, and started wondering what I could do to make it look prettier.

I decided to do something that is cheap, fast and easy, not to mention reusable, and this is what I came up with. The supplies came mostly from Dollar Tree! I used:

  • two gift bags in contrasting patterns and colors that will hold a tissue box snuggly
  • grey grosgrain ribbon
  • white silk flower
  • a few pearl beads
  • a turquoise-colored glass bead
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • hot glue gun and glue

I went with a pretty turquoise and white patterned bag to create the bottom cover for the tissue box. I put the tissue box inside the bag, and then cut the bag down so that it was about a couple of inches taller than the tissue box on three sides, and left a long flap on the back side, which I used to create an envelope top covering. I cut the ribbon handles off the gift bag as well.

DIY Tissue Box Glamour

I started folding all the edges inward to create clean edges in the finished piece, and I folded down the top to create the flap. I found it helpful at times to use the ruler to create a straight edge while I was folding the heavy gift bag paper. I then hot glued the folded edges down into place.

I then cut out a second contrasting gift bag in a sepia-toned rose pattern so that it would become the top cover for the tissue box. I cut all the edges leaving an extra inch or so all the way around, and then folded the edges to create a clean finished edge.

The flat side goes at the back top of the tissue box, and the corners are created to make a lid with 3 sides, to fit around the top of the tissue box. Here is how I folded the corners in:

DIY Tissue Box Glamour DIY Tissue Box GlamourOnce I had everything cut to size and folded the way I wanted it, I cut a hole the size of the tissue box opening in the middle of both gift bag top pieces, making sure the holes lined up when the rose top was placed on the turquoise flap. I dry fit it together to make sure the top rose-paper cover fit the box properly, and then I hot glued the rose-paper top to the turquoise-paper top flap. This made the top part a little sturdier to hold up to tissues being pulled out of the box.

I thought it needed a little something more, so I hot glued grey grosgrain ribbon on the front and side edges of the top cover, and in the center I hot glued a silk flower, some pearl beads and a little turquoise bead in the center.

I finished off the cut edges of the hole in the top with the grey grosgrain ribbon hot glued in place.

DIY Tissue Box GlamourIn order to hold the top of the box closed when you actually use it to pull tissue from the hole in the top, I hot glued a couple of pieces of velcro to the front of the box and the underside of the top. It doesn’t look pretty, but it is completely hidden by the lid when closed, so it doesn’t show.

DIY Tissue Box Glamour DIY Tissue Box Glamour DIY Tissue Box Glamour DIY Tissue Box GlamourThe finished result!

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