DIY Toddler Apron

Check out this apron I made for L’s upcoming birthday. I thought it would be the perfect addition for her play kitchen. I’m still amazed that I actually made this! One thing’s for sure, a seam ripper is a beginning sewer’s best friend!

After searching Pinterest for an easy apron tutorial, I found this one from Cami over at Tidbits.

It provided step-by-step instructions with photos to help visual learners like myself. Her version featured a ruffle at the bottom, but I opted to sew a rik rak trim instead. {This was my first attempt at sewing with rik rak and I think I did a pretty good job for a first timer.}

Don’t you just love the vintage charm of rik rak?

DIY Toddler ApronWhat’s really great about this apron is the velcro pieces it features around the neck and waist ties. This allows little ones to “do it myself.”

DIY Toddler ApronL will need my help putting it on for a little while, but she’ll grow into it soon enough.

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DIY Toddler Apron