DIY Vinyl Record Butterflies

Supplies Needed:

Vinyl Record of your Choice
Stencil of a Butterfly (Make one!)
1/4 inch Sanding Band Mandrel + Sanding Bands
5/64 inch diamond wheel point
Pot Holders

DIY Vinyl Record ButterfliesStep 1:
Trace your butterfly stencil onto your record using a pencil.

DIY Vinyl Record ButterfliesStep 2:
Then with the diamond wheel point, make a hole at a corner point in your stencil.
Begin pulling the dremel counter-clockwise around your entire butterfly.

Going counter-clockwise makes it so that whatever you are cutting out in the middle has a smooth edge and the part you don’t need will have the gritty melted vinyl.
You will notice some inconsistencies, like uneven edges or frayed paper from the label.

DIY Vinyl Record ButterfliesStep 3:
To fix the inconsistencies, use the sanding band piece. Turn on the dremel to a low speed and hold it at a low angle, gently moving the sanding band back and forth until you have a smooth edge.

DIY Vinyl Record ButterfliesStep 4:
If you choose to bend the butterfly in the middle, hold the butterfly over the stove, and I recommend you use pot holders. You will notice that after about 7 seconds the record will become very bendable, very fast.
When it becomes bendable, put the butterfly onto a flat surface and hold one half of the butterfly down while pulling the other half up and holding in place for about 10 second until the vinyl is solid again.

Take note that there may be some cracks in the paper on the back side from the bending. If there are lumps or bumps anywhere, heat the record up again and try to focus the heat on where you want to flatten it.

Try not to stretch the record while bending it when it is hot because those will turn into ruffles that you cannot get out.

DIY Vinyl Record ButterfliesStep 5:
Enjoy!DIY Vinyl Record Butterflies

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