DIY Wood Post Hanger

I was walking around a little boutique near my house one day and got inspired. Don’t you love it when that happens? I know I do, see something super pricey that you know you can make for yourself way cheaper and you get to personalize it! I have to admit my husband made this for me, thanks hunny =). But I definitely could have done this myself it’s easy I promise!

What you need:

  • A long block of wood, we used a pressure treated fence post. But whatever you like the look of best is perfect!
  • Fence post cap
  • Hooks (whatever you like, see you get to personalize it!)
  • Square of wood & a little trim (for the bottom)
  • Spray paint (optional, just another step you can take to personalize it even more)

DIY Wood Post Hanger DIY Wood Post HangerCut your post to size. Spray paint your fence cap if you like and you can also spray paint your bottom pieces if you like and let dry. Attach your hooks in whatever placement you like… use as many or few as you like.

For the bottom you screw the square in, well that’s what my husband did but to be honest I would have glued it… I like to do things the quick and easy way =). And then also glue the trim along the sides, if you like of course remember you don’t have to copy mine have fun and make it your own! I just love how it turned out so I had to share! Hope you like it!

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DIY Wood Post Hanger