DIY Wooden Pallet Dresser

I still had 6 wooden pallets in my garage from a neighbors sod delivery. They were super happy to get rid of the pallets so easily, but my husband wept as he said goodbye to his garage parking space. (I’m exaggerating-kinda).

I was tired of hearing his crying, so I got to thinking and came up with a plan. With his eye on the prize (his parking space), he went to town sawing 3 pallets in half and removing all the boards from one side of each piece.

DIY Wooden Pallet DresserThen I was left with this.
DIY Wooden Pallet DresserI positioned the pallets so the sides with the boards removed were facing each other, to create larger openings.
DIY Wooden Pallet DresserNext, I used some plain jane metal brackets to attach the pieces together.
DIY Wooden Pallet DresserThen, I went K-Razy with the sander. I sanded and sanded and sanded. I had flashbacks from my pallet headboard.Then I realized I had to sand some more. I guess it’s the trade off for the free wood.

THEN-you should

light coat polyurethane
a light sanding
another coat of poly
another light sanding
and ANOTHER coat of poly.

But, come on now, you don’t really think I followed the directions now do you?

I slapped on three coats of this awesome Minwax water soluble (super easy clean up) polyurethane,
DIY Wooden Pallet Dresserwhich I tinted with just a touch of my favorite medium walnut Minwax wood stain.
DIY Wooden Pallet DresserYou are also supposed to wait 24 hours for each coat to dry, um yeah that would require patience.

But it turned out awesome anyway!
DIY Wooden Pallet DresserDIY Wooden Pallet DresserThe rustic and industrial feel is a fun addition to the white vintagey furniture already in my bedroom (which I am going to show you next week!)
DIY Wooden Pallet DresserDIY Wooden Pallet DresserThe baskets are all from Michael’s (50% off this week).
DIY Wooden Pallet DresserDIY Wooden Pallet DresserI pretty much love it and even though we didn’t “need” it, it is such an interesting addition to the space.
DIY Wooden Pallet DresserDIY Wooden Pallet DresserP.S. Do you love my new piggie? He is so stinkin cute!

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DIY Wooden Pallet Dresser