Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Idea

Well, the most eco friendly would be no wrapping at all, and for that matter no tangible gift either. The gift would be like buying a star, or paying for a tree to be planted in the rainforest, or buying mosquito netting for people in South America (which my in-laws did do for all the us a couple of years ago – very cool) or something. While I am all for that, I also really like gifts, and I really like wrapping them.

I KNOW! So un-Earth friendly of me, but hey, no one’s perfect!

Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping IdeaIt was my mom’s birthday yesterday and I am back home in PA to celebrate. However, I don’t know where the wrapping paper is at anyone’s houses and in my mom’s closet I could only find Christmas stuff. I did have scissors and tape, so, I got creative!


Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping IdeaI used a brown paper grocery bag, the classifieds, and a penny!

Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping IdeaHeads up for luck!

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Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Idea