Embroidery Hoop Container

Hello everyone! I hope you are all fine and safe in your homes. What I am going to share today are these embroidery hoops. I am always seeing embroidery hoops when I’m at the thrift stores. They are plentiful and inexpensive.

Embroidery Hoop Container

Another inexpensive thrift store staple are tin containers.

Embroidery Hoop ContainerI decided to combine the two to make a super easy embroidery hoop container.

Embroidery Hoop ContainerBecause I didn’t want the top edge of the tin container exposed, I layered a piece of fabric over the edge before I started adding the embroidery hoops.

Embroidery Hoop ContainerTo assemble I opened up the embroidery hoop (I only used the outside part of the hoop), slid it over the tin container and then tightened. I only needed five hoops to completely cover the tin container.

Embroidery Hoop Container Embroidery Hoop ContainerAfter church this morning we were given one of the alter bouquets to take home.
The bouquet fit perfect in the embroidery hoop container.

Super easy and it only cost me $1.55 to make!

Embroidery Hoop Container

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